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We strive for excellence.We aim for perfection.

We have high expectations and teach our children to keep setting higher and higher standards for themselves.

We guide the students towards excellence through self motivation, self learning and self development. The responsibility for learning lies with the learner as much as with those who impart learning.

We focus on self directed learning and teach the child to take pleasure in hard work.

We emphasise on 'TOTAL PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT'. For us education is not just literacy, it is the development of the whole child.

The students are guided in a manner by which they become problem solvers and not the facility enjoyers. They live and work ROUGH and TOUGH because they are learning for life.

They learn to perceive problems as challenges, and as opportunities to excel. Problems are to be met head-on, tackled and overcome.

We aim to provide a learning environment that engages the students, awakens their curiosity and generate in them, the excitement to learn.

We develop the potential of Gifted Children and also motivate under achievers to put in more efforts to attain their goal of higher development. We understand that the emotional quotient is as important as the Intelligence quotient.

“A child has to be taught at his pleasure, not at his peril.” This philosophy of the founder chairman, Late Col. P. S. Satsangi, VSM, is the guiding principle of UCSKM.

“Don't fail the child, it is murder” - Col. Satsangi believed that every child is unique in one way or the other. He made the child believe in his or her own self. His nil failure policy is the foundation of our students success. For UCSKM, each child is a winner, each time and every time.

The nil failure concept of teaching children means that every child deserves a chance to succeed. It means that every child has a right to education. No child fails in any class, a highly motivating & positive strategy adopted by UCSKM , helps a child to climb the ladder of success without any hurdle. Col. Satsangi's life gives us a message & inspiration to carry forward his legacy to hardwork, dedication, simple and honest living, humility, compassion and generosity and, most of all his educational philosophy which is absolutely unique, different and unparallel.
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