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The Campus

The school, situated in the heart of beautiful Aravali landscape of Bhiwadi, just 30 km from Gurgaon has the atmosphere of a hill station. The lush green school campus is situated in approximately 10 acres of land and its Baronial Building adds a charm to the atmosphere and merges with the general style of the campus.

The four storied building's facade complements its large campus with a football ground, a tennis court, a cricket pitch, basketball court, volley ball court, squash court, and a skating ring. The building has four wings - Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary & Senior Secondary. The class-rooms are big, bright and airy. Its 10 acres of campus is designed to offer every student a varied education in a supportive and safe environment.

The campus complements our academic curriculum and provide optimum environment for modern education. There are ample outdoor areas for calm

The Classrooms

The classes at UCSKM are roomy, airy and well-lit to provide cheerful atmosphere for the students. This encourages the students and faculty in their pursuit for academic excellence.

The class rooms are big and are also equipped with educational audio-visual equipments, notebooks and computers. The walls of the classrooms are decorated with diff>erent maps and posters. The classrooms are full of numerous types of educational equipments. Our classrooms are perfect to meet to all requirements of students.

Physics Lab

Our Physics lab, a well maintained Lab with all essential equipments needed to perform experiments till 10+2 Level. The procedure of issuing of equipments is prompt, in order that the students can give their utmost time for doing experiments. The equipments are kept in lockers to avoid misuse.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry lab is an exceptionally Modern Lab equipped with every kind of apparatus and chemicals used for performing scientific experiments for respective classes. Every student is allotted his own experiment table and each table carries every essential reagent & chemical for all experiments. An experienced teacher is always available for supervising the students.

Biology Lab

The biology lab has all essential biological equipments, species samples for experimental purpose till +2 level, including the most recent model of compound microscope and cornucopia of interesting slides.

Computer Labs

To give advance knowledge, computer education is imparted to all students. There are two computer labs in the school. Our computer labs are fully air-conditioned and are equipped with hundred computers having latest configuration and with interne facilities. Aside from it, the labs also contain scanners and printers.


The only true equalisers in the world are books; the only treasure-house open to all corners is a library; the only wealth which will not decay is knowledge; the only jewel which you can carry beyond the grave is wisdom. J. A. Langford

Our library occupies the central position in our school's curriculum and has a warm and pleasant environment. The students can do research, homework or simply read for pleasure. The library has about 1000 titles including English and Hindi books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and informative literature. It provides a wide range of learning opportunities for both students as well as teachers with a focus on intellectual content & information literacy.


The auditorium, more commonly known as the Audi is fitted with the most innovative and state-of-the-art audio and visual facilities and has a seating capacity to accommodate all students. This sound-proof auditorium hosts number of events such as passing out ceremonials, annual day function, award giving functions, intra-school and inter-school competitions, dances and plays, to name just a few.

Seminar Room

The Seminar Room at UCSKMS is spacious and equipped with all facilities to conduct seminars, workshops, meetings and group discussions. Up to 30 people can be seated in the Seminar Room at the same time.

Play Grounds

The purpose of our Playgrounds is to introduce our students and school-staff to the scores of activities available on playgrounds and field areas. Our playgrounds are designed to assist with physical as well team spirit of students. Physical competency is the capacity to take part in any game with a high level of gratification. Our students are exposed to sports such as Football, Basketball and Tennis School. They are taught rules, basic game concept and skills. Our playgrounds have facilities for all types of sports.

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