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In our school, besides curricular activities, we also have various indoor activities such as debates, quizzing, music, art, clay, dance, creative writing, drama and hobby classes. The students can participate in a number of indoor activities both inter school and intra school. The students are encouraged to be aware of and be sensitive to cultural and environmental issues and there exist a number of opportunities to participate in ongoing initiatives. Students can have the opportunity to take part in any of these activities.

The list of Co-Scholastic activities offered is:

# Activities # Activities
1 Debates 10 Plasticize Modeling
2 Poem Recitation 11 Rangoli Making
3 Dumb Charade 12 Dance
4 Rakhi Making 13 Extempore Lecture
5 Music 14 Story Writing
6 Acting 15 Drawing & Painting
7 Declamation/Elocution 16 Paper Cutting
8 Story Telling 17 Mimicry
9 Mehendi 18 Calligraphy
XII Results (Academic Year - 2022)
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