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Meticulously designed academic syllabus guarantees that the student enjoys learning and acquiring a thorough understanding of the subjects such as Languages, Social Studies, Environmental Education, Mathematics, Science, Arts and Physical Education. At UCSMKs, excellence in Academics is of primary importance. We provide quality education to every student.

The school has students from Nursery to Class Twelfth. Tenth grade students prepare for the All India Secondary School Examination and Class Twelfth students prepare for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination conducted by CBSE, Delhi. Both these exams are conducted in March every year.


UCSKM Public School is affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), the largest Educational Board in India.

Primary Section

The Early Learning Experience - Awakening of Curiosity and a Sense of Wonder
The earliest stages of education are very important as it is at this stage that the foundations for future life are laid down. At UCSKM, our aim is to raise children who are confident, caring and enjoy studying. We believe that early days of students should be enjoyable, and we strive hard to make it so, but we also enhance academic and social qualities of children.

Children need wide open spaces to develop their physical faculties and a safe, secure and stimulating environment to stimulate their mental abilities. For this to happen, they need gentle, loving and considerate mentors who can promote these qualities. Our Primary Section ensures that these needs are fulfilled, thereby developing children who grow up as confident and well adjusted adults.

Our focus is to promote the happiness of the child and protect his/her special interests. We not only teach children to enjoy learning but also to love. We provide real life experiences to give a meaningful and enjoyable learning.

High Reach Pre-primary and Primary Teaching Programme

UCSKM is a firm believer in giving children space to grow and wings to fly. Our High Reach Pre-primary and Primary Teaching Programme are designed to provide a child-centric environment and a humanistic approach to early childhood development.

For the children of today, the world is a playground and the High Reach Learning opens up their minds to its wonders. In the crucial first stage of schooling, learning has to be linked with fun so that the child learns to enjoy it. It is most important to let the child explore his/her own world and interpret it the way he/she wants to. UCSKM's High Reach Learning takes care of this and works upon developing the child's imagination, creativity, independent thinking and values.

Secondary Section

Students are encouraged to learn in different ways, to relate learning to experience and to take responsibility for their own learning.

Student Learning Objectives:
• Self-Management
• Communication Skills
• Risk-Taking
• Analytical and Critical Thinking
• Time Management
• Emotional Literacy
• Creative Problem-Solving

The unique feature of UCSKM School is the preparation process for COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS and MANAGEMENT STUDIES. This is provided by on-campus coaching by highly qualified professionals, which gives UCSKM students an edge in the competitive examinations.

UCSKM has special programmes for the meritorious students. Our HIGH ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION programme produces All India CBSE-toppers in Maths, Science, Psychology and Economics every year.

UCSKM has a dedicated faculty which boasts of 7 PhDs and 3 University Gold Medalists.

The School employs conventional as well as modern methods of teaching like the Syndicate System of Self-learning, Cognitive Studies, Study Camps, Subject Club Activities and Eminent Persons Contact programmes (A unique and highly beneficial programme in which illustrious persons in their respective fields interact with students on a regular basis). Every year, UCSKM gives a result that is one of the best in India.

UCSKM Faculties

The school features highly qualified and experienced faculty. These extremely motivated educators will ensure only the best learning experience for their students. Meet the teachers who will provide qualitative mentorship at UCSKMS.
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